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Preset Configuration:

Custom preset allow the user to setup any experiment possible by the system. Please select your Database and Screening Pool for your reaction. Data is then keyed into the boxes belowed based on the strength of the reaction bands. Data is entered by clicking (repeatedly) in the boxes below.
Select Database Style:

This BAC library is separated into sequential Superpools of seven 384-well plates.
Screening Pool Style:

Plate, Row, Column, screening pool. This plate will determin the location of the clone(s) of interest within the total BAC library.
Super Pool:

Super Pools are sets of the database. Changing this value is only required for documentation or if this information is stored in database format where the number of a given clone must be offset.
Strength Range:

Strength Range(s) allows more control over the intensity of the bands in your reactions. Turning this value high will help the program narrow down false positives and negitives in your reaction. In the case that your reaction data is perfect, this will have no affect on given results.

Data Pool
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12



For questions or comments please contact: Keith Stormo (

Code written by: Luke Dupin